Hi, I'm Amber. Here is a little bit about me and my love of wedding photography and film.

I have a house in the country with my much-loved husband, our two adored gorgeous little boys and lots of English bulldogs. I love, love, love taking photos of people, places and little things like babies feet and ladybirds.

As a full-time wedding photographer, I love connecting with couples and I adore photographing their special day. It's the perfect match for me as I’m a huge romantic and I cannot express enough how much I love a good wedding!

My style is very natural and free-flowing, candidly capturing life as it happens. I also compose and direct to produce images and film that will show the subjects in the most naturally stunning ways. I aim to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as this allows me to create happy and unique images of your wedding. I like to capture all the elements of a wedding day, creating a good mixture of natural moments, soft and romantic private couple photos, sweet group shots and cute little details all with lots of natural light, life and laughter. I love filming life and picking out the little details like a muddy pair of boots left by the door, or the bride's veil hanging in the window.

Each wedding has a lovely mixture of color and black and white photographs. I give the color photographs a light vintage touch and a warm tone to the black and whites. This keeps them bright and fresh.

 Things about me....

I cwtch people when I meet them.

I'm a postive thinker my glass is always full to the brim. 

I'm a proud mummy of 2 amazing boys. 

I'm a people pleaser making people happy make's me happy.

I love to play chase with my boys, I always make up my own cree when I'm losing.

I love to talk to older people about their past.

My grammar is terrible sometimes my emails can be pretty short I'm creative, not academic.

I am ALWAYS early for everything.

I have unruly curly hair which I'm only now growing to love.

People think I'm funny and I think I'm funny.

Children are my favorite people to hang out with.

I love eating luxury chocolate and drinking cold milk.

I like to draw cartoons with my boys and smell their playdough.

I love dogs.

I love to listen to music really LOUD especially Fleetwood Mac and Motown tracks.

I love to talk (a lot) to my hubby, kids, and parents about anything and everything.

I love to drive and get myself lost so I can discover new places.

I love to dance the Lindy Hop, it's good for your bones.

I love brogues.

I'm an awesome cook my signature dish is a Sunday roast & carrot cake.

I still rollerskate at the grand old age of......

I cry over anything emotional, I love to bulb to music and pictures.

I love the smell of the countryside cows and all.

I love to read History, Music & Biography books.

I don't like the rain it makes my hair frizzy.

I'm a PINTEREST addict.

I don't watch very much TV I would rather draw or play with my boys.

I'm a Tomboy at heart.

I open beer bottles with my teeth. (Tomboy) 

I can remember the words to every song I here after two plays.

I like to watch live stand up comedy some of my faves are Russel Kane & Mickey Flannigan.

I love to go to concerts music is my EVERYTHING...

My eyes change colour when I cry.

I have been blessed by the Pope.

And I've kissed the Blarney stone.

I'm a June baby and a true Cancerian (Crab) I'm really happy when I'm at the beach.

I'm a big list writer I wrote a list to write this.